Name Department Ext. Website School
Triano Nick Trainer 1505 High
Ciappina Letterio Physical Education 1508 Driver Education High
Joyce Eileen Special Education 1521 Mrs. Joyce High
Klein Charles Foreign Language 1523 Mr. Klein High
Frazier Sandra Physical Education 1516 Physical Education High
Salma Kimberly Science 1538 Ms. Salma's Class High
Angerami Jennifer Science 1544 Angerami's Science High
Sudacki Jean Office 1402 High
Couden Malcolm Chorus 1549 High
Zawonski Mitchell Science 1553 Mr. Zawonski High
Brodt Maureen Guidance 1410 High
Dunlap Gayle Science 1558 7th Grade Science Middle
Hill Jonathan Art 1520 Mr. Hill's Art Classes High
Hans Cherie Foreign Language 1524 Spanish High
Konigsberg Steven Psychologist High
Linder Nancy Special Education 1563 Mrs. Linder's Learning Place Middle
Matsakis Darla Math 1527 Ms. Matsakis High
Somers Diane Math 1574 Pre-Algebra Middle
Telzer Megan Math 1575 Ms. Telzer Middle
White Darren Physical Education 1551 SBHS Girl's Softball High
Ianneillo Chris Athletic Director 1445 High
Klein Amanda History 1522 History High
Barbieri David Special Education 1502 Mr. Barbieri High
Gerken Kimberly Guidance 1407 High
Napoleone Dino Science 1529 Chem World High
Pritchard Kate Photo 1532 Ms Pritchard's Class High
Bailey Brigida Office 1403 High
Feldermann Lee Special Education 1513 Mrs. Feldermann History/Tutorials High
Gianfredi Daniel History 1518 Mr.G's History High
Nosch Michelle Social Studies 1567 Nosch Social Studies Middle
Rashduni Noel History 1533 Mr. Rashduni High
Tempesta Christi Science 1546 Ms. Tempesta's Class High
Levy Melissa Technology 1554 Mrs. Levy High
Benito Marta Guidance 1405 High
Josephson Ellen Science 1560 8th Grade Science Middle
Ortega Frank Band 1530 High School Band High
Tirri, Joyce Special Education 1547 Mrs. Tirri High
Weinberg Howard Technology 1550 Synergistics High
Carnevale Sabrina English 1506 Mrs. Carnevale English High
Militello Valerie Math 1565 Pre-Algebra Middle
Orosz Robyn Language Arts 1568 Ms. Orosz Middle
Rabe Carol Nurse 1422 High School Nurse High
Rippas Catherine English 1571 Mrs. Rippas Middle
Sarmiento Orleans Special Education 1539 Mrs. Sarmiento High
Sheldon Timothy History 1541 Mr. Sheldon High
Ciccone Edwin Social Studies 1557 Mr. Ciccone Middle
Dunlap Amy Foreign Language 1511 Miss Dunlap High
Hlavacek, Scott IT Coordinator 2310 High
Garvey James English 1517 Mr. Garvey @ SBHS High
Leibowitz Debra Math 1525 Mrs. Leibowitz High
Millan Nicolas English 1528 Mr. Millan High
Young Evelyn Office 1400 High
Blesing Nicole English 1504 Ms. Blesing's Classes Middle
Albino Carolyn Math 1500 Ms. Albino High
Miller Valerie Math 1566 Ms. Miller's Bulletin High
Roselli, Craig Math Mr. Roselli High
Pellegrini James History 1569 Mr. Pellegrini's World Geography and U.S. History Classes Middle
Sharpe Colleen English 1572 Mrs. Sharpe Middle
Lawlor, John Principal High School 1409 High
Kocialski, Richard Technolgy Mr. Kocialski High
Pelesz Stacey Physical Education Ms. Pelesz High
Decker, Danielle Special Education Middle
Reynolds Barbara Media Center 1428 Media Center High
Eskin Kim English 1536 Ms. Eskin's Safe Haven High
Matteson Susan Director of Guidance 1404 High
Lenzetti Caroline English 1312 Mrs. Lenzetti High
Graziano Christina English 1321 Ms. Graziano's Classroom High
Ayzenberg Anna Child Study Team High
Cubillan Virginia Foreign Language 1109 Ms. Cubillan's Website High
Haase David Science Mr. Haase Science Site Middle
Bruno, Nicole English High
Lummer Tracy Special Education 1526 Ms. Lummer's Class Middle
Gelber David Vice Principal 1409 High
Coffey Brenda Vice Principal 1479 Middle
Diorio Albert World Languages Mr.Diorio High
William Felegi Social Studies 1512 Mr. Felegi Middle
Gross Rhett Math High
Wiggins Natalie Child Study Team High
DePuma Michelle Art Ms. DePuma's Website Middle
Sasson Christina Guidance 1406 Ms. Sasson's Guidance Page Middle
Gadzki Zofia Special Education 1552 High